The WICT Northern California Inspire Program is a six-month mentoring program designed to
bring awareness and development of professional skills, personal skills, and individual talents. It
provides one-to-one support pairing mentor and mentees from the telecommunications industry
for the purpose of developing career skills and experience. The mentor helps the mentee reach
his/her goals by defining areas of development, planning next steps, and providing resources
and opportunities.
Take the time to get to know one another and develop a relationship of trust. Discuss interests
and expectations. Follow a suggested learning curriculum based on your needs and set
achievable goals with a realistic timeframe. Allow for mistakes and learning time. Complete
various activities and/or a special project so that it is a win/win situation for both mentor and
mentee. Review progress periodically through group meet-ups and events.

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Applications due June 23, 2019

WICT Northern California membership is a prerequisite for participation in the Inspire program.



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